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Maximum turning diameterΦ200mm
Maximum turning diameterΦ120
X-axis travel (radius)100mm
Z-axis travel230mm
Y-axis travel100mm
Top End trip180mm
Spindle noseA2-5A2-6
Hydraulic chuck6″8″
Spindle apertureφ56mmφ62mm
Copper rod can-澳门新蒲京www66126ccΦ45mmΦ51mm
Maximum spindle speed4000r/min3500 r/min
Spindle motor power-澳门新蒲京42425.5KW7.5KW
Axial drive
X / Z/Y-axis moving speed of the fastest20m/min
X / Z/Y-axis servo motor power1.3KW (Y-axis with brake)
Line railTypesRoller
X axisMSR35X560
Z axisMSR35X760-新莆京注册网址
ScrewX axisR32X420
Z axisR32X831
Y axisR32X420
RepeatabilityX axis±0.0025mm
Z axis±0.0025mm
Y axis±0.0025mm
Machine dimensions (LxWxH)2890mmX2220mmX1810mm
Total power23KW25KW
Machine weight5.5T5.8T

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