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Global engine bed development direction entire analysis
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Caters to the manufacturing industry the individuality demand.

Increases the working accuracy, the processing efficiency unceasingly, reduces the processing non-cutting time, stressed that the flexibility satisfies the production and the organization and the management need.

Emphasizes the function recombine.

Axes (coordinate) the linkage control technology and 5 axis linkage numerically-controlled machine tool becomes in the world engine bed manufacturing industry a technical commanding point. CIMT on 2007 has altogether displayed more than 70 five axis linkage numerically-controlled machine tool, including more than 40 are the Chinese independent development.C

Pays great attention the environmental protection, involves avoids the greasy dirt pollution, as well as aspects and so on engine bed regeneration, recycling.

Intellectualized development, namely numerically-controlled machine tool's control system has gradually from functions and so on diagnosis, adaptive control, logic analysis judgment. Recently, Japan's Yamazaki the horse Zach company has developed the initiative vibration control, the intelligent hot barrier, the intelligent anti-collision barrier, the language prompt one after another; The Japanese Big Indentation Companies have developed Thinc intelligence numerical control system and so on.

In the parallel structure engine bed aspect, the Harbin Measuring instrument Cutting tool Group Numerical control Equipment Company parallel structure engine bed LINKS-EXE700 which on 2007 displays in CIMT has the new breakthrough significance, not merely the structure further simplifies, moreover the working range increases, the movement to be fast, rigidity and precision enhancement; Five axis linkage numerical control programming and the use routinization, may process the pentahedron body, in the work piece special attire clamps in situation, but may also make six processings, this is the present any engine bed structure cannot achieve.

From the components processing method, calls the revolutionary development to appear has realized the fast formation technology principle engine bed new variety, it used the electric heating, the laser beam, the ion beam, the electron beam to take the energy source, by the compound paper, the high polymer, the metal powder, the heat-resisting alloy, the composite ceramics, the casting molding sand and so on took the processing material, as soon as changed the existing metal-cutting machine tool and the metal formation engine bed “the material elimination” the processing method, but used “the material accumulated” the method or said that “increased the material manufacture” the method to carry on the machine parts prototype manufacture.

Water cutting already kept pace with into a brand-new technology and the new engine bed class with the laser cutting, China has three, four units to be engaged in this aspect at present to develop, the product went on the market.-www.xpj8.com-澳门新蒲京4242

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